Get Work Ready For The New Zealand Job Market

Get Work Ready For The New Zealand Job Market

Helping you navigate your study and career in New Zealand

Helping you navigate your study and career in New Zealand

Whether you are moving to New Zealand as an international student, skilled migrant, or joining your partner, this is a significant life transition that must be a well-informed decision.

Your journey starts with preparing for your study or career before you get here – but how will you know what you don’t know?

Let’s start with a holistic career view for a sustainable and successful career transition.

Course Overview

Module 1: Knowing yourself

  • Developing self-awareness is crucial for career development and creating a balance and harmony in all aspects of life
  • Finding your why? What makes you tick? What makes you different?
  • Your skills, aptitude, interest and values
  • Dealing with change and persistence to deal with obstacles. Building resilience and being prepared
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New Zealand City Skyline algong with it's complete reflection on the water

Module 2: Introduction to the New Zealand job market

  • Types of employments and knowledge of employee rights
  • Job market and key industries
  • Getting your first New Zealand work experience
  • Familiarising with New Zealand job sites, professional associations and industry networks
  • Qualifications and occupational registrations
  • Ongoing learning and skill development for the job market

Module 3: What New Zealand employers want

  • Understanding the importance of employability skills within the New Zealand work environment
  • Finding your employability skills and identifying your transferable skills that New Zealand employers will value
  • Matching your home country work experience and presenting in a format understood and appreciated by New Zealand employers
  • Understanding employer expectations
  • Preparing a New Zealand style CV and cover letter tailored for targeted positions
  • Mastering behavioural interviews
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Module 4: Tapping the hidden job market

  • 75% of jobs are hidden; employers prefer to hire candidates through their networks, connections and existing staff. Understanding the characteristics of the New Zealand hidden job market
  • Networking and informational interviewing
  • Creating multiple networks and connecting with employers and recruiters
  • Crafting a professional personal brand

Module 5: Introduction and getting connected with LinkedIn

  • Create a LinkedIn account
  • Creating your profile and editing privacy settings
  • How to network on LinkedIn
  • Build your LinkedIn network to connect to job opportunities
  • Discovering existing and searching for new connections
  • Messaging and adding value
  • Searching and applying for jobs
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What’s Included

Live Sessions

Weekly live sessions and progress check-in Eduventure Pratishtha


Downloadable, actionable templates and worksheets for every topic

Linkedin Profile Review

Analysing and building your LinkedIn profile to suit the New Zealand market

Market Insights

An insider’s view on the New Zealand Job market Pratishtha Purohit

Clients Like You Have Found Their Dream Careers In New Zealand

Meet Your Coach


Hi! I’m Pratishtha

I have been exactly where you are. I have lived and experienced the questions and doubts that swirl in your mind. I understand the aspirations, the challenges and the fears you are facing right now. I have struggled, failed, and learned and now combine all of my experience and knowledge to help others so that they too can have a positive and rewarding Eduventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

| Will I get help with my visa?

Yes, when you sign up with Eduventure NZ, your visa is processed by the top Licensed immigration advisors based in New Zealand.

| Will you guarantee a job?

No, no one can! Be careful of people who promise you a job. I can assure you that you will see positive results and know everything you need to know on completing the course and 1:1 coaching. Together we will craft your approach to enter the New Zealand job market so you can ‘hit the ground running.

| Do you guarantee a visa?

No, no one can! Once again, be very careful of unsolicited advice. A Licenced Immigration Advisor should file your visa. By law, any person that gives you immigration advice about New Zealand must be licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority unless they are exempt.

| Are you an education agent?

I am a career coach. I aim to find the best course to make an informed decision and partner with you to ensure the course is the right fit for you, not the other way around. Over the years working with many graduating international students in New Zealand, one of the common themes and frustrations they face is getting enrolled into the wrong course because an agent has convinced them to do so.

| Will I get immediate access to all the resources?

Yes. As soon as you sign up, you will get immediate access to the entire video series and an invitation to the Slack channel.

| Is there a money-back guarantee if I don’t get a visa?

I am a Career Coach not an Immigration Consultant. While I can help you prepare for a life in New Zealand, getting a visa is dependent on multiple factors. Your Immigration Adviser is the best point of contact on your visa questions. Getting on with coaching sessions with me will give you an edge over other newcomers to the country, and you will be more prepared for a life abroad, with significant improvement in how you design your career.

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